jacob pelts ewe and lambs

 For Sale - Jacob Products

  • Ewe Lambs, Wethers, Shearlings & Ewes - Please check for availability & price.

  • Meat Boxes of Hoggett (Young Mutton - 14-18 months old) - available for collection in the Autumn or Spring. Orders in advance are essential. A small local abattoir is used so the sheep do not have to endure long stressful journeys & the butchery is done by the butchers on site to our own specification after 11 days of hanging. The boxes consist of half a sheep & take up approximately 1 freezer drawer of space. They consist of one leg & one shoulder cut up to your choice, chops, cutlets, neck fillet, mince, liver. Additional cuts of diced shoulder, leg steaks, mince & fillets are also available.

  • Mutton (usually 24 months+) – available for collection usually in the Spring & Autumn. Orders in advance are essential. Separate items of large Legs & Shoulders (can be de-boned), dice, mince & boneless loins can be purchased.
  • Sheep Skin Rugs - available or reserved in advance either with full length fleece or short trimmed to approximately one inch. These all have individual patterns.

  • Fleeces - available in May (if reserved beforehand) for hand spinning, weaving into fabrics & felting. The fleece can be spun into attractive knitting wool in 3 natural colours. The fleece can also be sent to a specialist processor for spinning into knitting wool or woven into throws, rugs etc.

  • Jacob Horns - Wethers (not large curly ram horns) - available for craft or decoration