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 The Mayfield Flock

The flock is owned & managed by Janet Watson who lives at Moore’s Cottage Farm which is surrounded by 25 acres of farmland. She is helped by her Daughter and Grandson who do all the hard handling work.

The pasture is farmed as organically as possible with spot spraying for weeds to minimise the amount of chemicals on the land. The sheep are fed hay or silage produced on the farm during the winter months when the grass is not growing and supplementary food is given at lambing time. The Jacobs are only given essential vaccines & treatments as necessary to maintain good health. They live outdoors all year round, only coming into the barn for 3 days when their lambs have been born to ensure that the maternal bond is properly established. Very high standards of welfare are maintained all the time, with the result that we have healthy, fit sheep that lead stress free lives & are reared slowly & naturally in the old fashioned way.

The majority of the flock are descended from 3 excellent Culland Ewes  The first Ram was Solsbury Kramer; followed by Peregrine Louis, Perrymill Henry, Mayfield Minstrel Boy, Webbery Montgomery, Needwood Domino Hope Dale Ash, Churchland Soloman, Six Pack and Meadowland Rebel. Over time the stock has been improved in terms of good high pastons, good feet, horn shape, fleece pattern & back length. The sheep are friendly & biddable..